AVPFirst #Road2Hermosa Northwest Zone U14 Top 20 as of April 26, 2018

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AVPFirst #Road2Hermosa Northwest Zone U14 Top 20 as of April 26, 2018

This year the AVPFirst has instituted a point scoring series for the Northwest Zone to determine the six teams that will qualify to represent the Region at the AVPFirst National Championship event alongside the Hermosa Beach Open on July 24-29 in Hermosa Beach, CA.  

Below are the U14 Division standings as of April 26, 2018.   The standings include results from both in zone and out of zone competition.   Athletes receive points for their five best finishes during the 2018 qualification season (January-July) and up to two out of zone events may be reflected into the athletes total score.   These rankings do not include points for athletes who are playing up and have also earned points in a different age division. 

U14 AVPFirst #Road2Hermosa Top 20
U14 Players as of April 26, 2018

Ranking Points Player Club
1 66.9 Stratton, Adisen Uprising
2 56.5 Brennan, Claire Uprising
2 56.5 Grant, Ayla Uprising
4 50.9 Larson, Lauren Uprising
5 48 Jones, Karis Uprising
6 45.3 Custer, Kiera Uprising
6 45.3 Harrison, Liviya Uprising
6 45.3 Johnson, Kaitlyn Uprising
6 45.3 Wilaby, Savannah Uprising
10 38.5 Smith, Jasett WVBA
11 37.9 Keller, Emma SIVA
11 37.9 Bush, Allison Dakine
13 29.5 Bartok, Jamie SIVA
14 27.6 Marble, Ellie SIVA
14 27.6 SANTILLAN, KEELEY Kent Jrs
16 26.6 Flynn, Kennadi SIVA
16 26.6 Rainaud-Hinds, Amey SIVA
18 22.4 Huard, Brooke WVBA
18 22.4 SHOWALTER, bailey Dakine
18 22.4 Vetter, Aris Dakine

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