Arena Archery will Be Featured at the Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament!

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Arena Archery will Be Featured at the Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament!

This year participants at the Seaside Beach Volleyball tournament will be able to play dodge ball with bows and arrows!   Uprising Sports and the Seaside Chamber of Commerce have partnered to make Arena Archery a featured event at the largest beach volleyball event in the United States!   

"We're really excited to showcase the newest Uprising Sport at the Seaside Beach Volleyball tournament," said Mati Bishop, founder of Uprising Sports.   

Arena Archery is played with 25lb draw bows and foam tipped arrows.   Two teams face off on a court roughly the size of volleyball court with the goal of either shooting all of their opponents targets, or eliminating all of the players on the opposing team by shooting them.  

"The game is really fast paced and intense," said Bishop.  

"You're trying to knock an arrow or line up a shot and you have people on the other side of the arena drawing a bead on you.   You always have to have your head on a swivel.  It's a blast"  

If neither team is able to eliminate all of the opponents targets or players in five minutes, then the shootout is stopped and the team who has eliminated the most targets and players combined is declared the winner.   A match is best two out of three five minute rounds, which are called shootouts.   

Players can revive a teammate who has been eliminated in the round by catching an arrow shot by the opposing team.   

The biggest question that we get is "does it hurt to get shot by an arrow?" according to Bishop

"The answer is not really.   It hurts way less than a paintball and most of the time when you get shot, you are just bummed that you got shot.   99% of the time, it really doesn't hurt at all," he said.  

This year players at Seaside will be competing for cool prizes from Samurai Tactical Gear, TapOut and Uprising Sports.   Matches are just $10 per player and the player with the best combined score of their top three matches wins a backpack from Samurai Tactical Gear.   There will also be a shooting gallery game for folks who just want to try their hand at shooting the bows and winning prizes.   

More information about Arena Archery is available at  


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