Welcome to the Age of Arena Archery!

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Welcome to the Age of Arena Archery!

Uprising Sports is stoked to bring the most exciting form of combat competition available to our members and players around the country and the World looking for a new sport that will rival all others!   We've taken the emerging game of Archery Tag and added the elements needed to make it a sport!   

Our innovations include:

  • Standardized scoring and competition formats that allow for fair, exciting and consistent game play. 
  • A rating and rankings system that rewards competitors for their achievements in local, regional, national and international events   
  • Positions, strategy and tactics guides to help you build a winning team.  
  • Development of junior, novice, intermediate, advanced and pro skill level events so that you can find suitable and enjoyable competition for your skill level.  
  • Skill based competitions that highlight different areas of your game and allow you to compare those skills to your peers in meaningful competition.  

Arena Archery is currently available at Uprising Sports in Mukilteo, WA.  Additional opportunities to play are coming soon.   Stay tuned to PlayArenaArchery.com for updates and more information.  




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