12 Teams on 2 Courts Format with Full Match Play

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12 Teams on 2 Courts Format with Full Match Play

This format breaks 12 teams into four pools of three and utilizes two courts to provide match play throughout pool and bracket play in about 8 hours. 

Format Highlights

  • Every team gets minimum of three matches.  
  • Eight teams get a minimum of four matches.
  • Finalists play five matches. 
  • Each pool contributes two out of three teams to Championship Bracket

This program is preferred to three pools of four teams because

  • Teams who play the least number of matches are ensured minimum of six sets compared to pool play of three one set match-ups plus a full match of single elimination bracket play which can be as few as five sets. 
  • Pools feed evenly into a balanced eight team bracket instead of either having to run a six team gold and six team silver bracket or pool unevenly from pools to fill an eight team bracket.  

Here is the bracket play schedule

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