3 Things You Will Learn About Our Beach Mastery Program at the Oct. 1 Open House

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3 Things You Will Learn About Our Beach Mastery Program at the Oct. 1 Open House

We're stoked to have our year-round Beach Mastery program tryouts this month.  Here are three things that are new to the program that we will be talking about at our Open House on Monday Oct. 1 from 6-8pm.   You can RSVP for the open house here:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe8qtdWer_42aPI7IjpHJ70MrIKN3v_7pGpHnE0OfUCpXZtvw/viewform

1.  Core, Agility and Jump Training Integrated into the training sessions
Our sessions will incorporate 6-8 volleyball specific movement exercises that combined with our fast paced training style will create two hour workouts that will make the longest and most grueling matches feel like a walk in the park.  

2.  College Recruiting Assistance and Resources
All of our athletes will have their own page on UprisingVolleyball.com that they can use to post video and updates for prospective college coaches.   Athletes will also receive assignments to help them through the recruiting process.   The focus will be on developing relationships with college coaches and showcasing the ways that they can be an asset to the college programs that they are interested in. 

3.  Enhanced Feedback on Technical and Team Performance
Our coaches will be using video and written feedback to help athletes develop and be accountable for skills developed during the course of the training.   Athletes will receive information that they can use for home study, tournament preparation and visualization between training sessions and during their time away from Uprising Volleyball.  

These tweaks and additions to our training methods are all developed in compliment to our successful teaching methods involving tons of game like situations and competitive repetitions during the course of our practices.   Our goal is to get everyone in the Uprising family working together to develop NCAA athletes, AVP Pros, Olympians and Life Long Lovers of the game of beach volleyball.  


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