3 Types of Athletes Talking to Us About the Endless Summer Beach Mastery Season

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3 Types of Athletes Talking to Us About the Endless Summer Beach Mastery Season

With tryouts less than a week away, we are having a lot of conversations about our Endless Summer Beach Mastery season with a variety of athletes.   Here are the three types that stick out. 

1.  Athletes pursuing the next level of beach volleyball. 
These athletes are attracted to these aspects of our program:

  • We have more experience than anyone else preparing athletes for Summer beach volleyball travel.   This includes helping them with individual development and qualification for national events. 
  • Assistance with the recruiting process.   We have worked with athletes that have gone on to play college beach volleyball at Hawaii, Pepperdine, Grand Canyon, Jacksonville State, Boise State, LSU, Loyola Marymount, Arizona Christian University, Stanford and University of Washington. 
  • Competitive and focused year-round training.  

2.  Experienced Indoor Athletes who are looking for more playing time
Athletes who are making competitive indoor teams, but not receiving the playing time they would like are looking at our Beach Mastery Program.  Here are the benefits they are asking about:

  • In beach volleyball athletes play every serve of every match of every tournament that they enter.  There is no time spent on the bench.   Additionally, athletes know that they are going to touch every other ball during those matches.   There is simply no comparison between the amount of tournament touches athletes get on an indoor team and the competitive experience that those athletes get on the beach. 
  • Beach volleyball develops complete athletes who are training to be able to pass, set, hit and read the game at a high level in a wide variety of situations.  If you can execute all of these skills at a high level, your high school coach is going to have an easy time finding ways for you to contribute to the team.  

3.  Athletes who for whatever reason cannot commit the time or money required to play high level junior club volleyball. 

  • With our Beach Mastery program you have control over how much or how little you travel through the course of the year.  All of the tournaments are ala carte, so you have the ability to create the perfect schedule for your family. 
  • Beach events are not "stay to play" events, so you can choose to stay with family, split a vacation rental with other families or even camp! 
  • Athletes who are not going to play volleyball in college are finding that our program is a great way to keep developing as a player in a fast paced and competitive environment.   Last year five of our players who only played beach volleyball went on to make their high school varsity teams.   They were the only five who tried out! 

Our philosophy is to build like minded training groups of athletes with similar goals and skill levels.   The maximum number of players per group is 8 and for the Endless Summer session you can choose between one and two nights a week of training.   

Questions?   Email UprisingVolleyball@gmail.com or call Mati at 425-344-0408. 

You can register for tryouts here:  https://uprisingsports.com/products/beach-mastery-program-tryout-registration

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