Coach Emmy Shares Her Goals for Her New Uprising Beach Volleyball Family

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Coach Emmy Shares Her Goals for Her New Uprising Beach Volleyball Family

Hi Uprising Family!  

I wanted to take some time to introduce myself as your new Junior Program Coordinator and coach for Uprising Beach Volleyball!  

I am looking forward to sharing my passion for beach volleyball with uprising athletes and in the process grow their love of the game! My biggest coaching philosophy is to guide athletes in finding joy in the process. Too often I have watched athletes become burn out as a result of the frustrations that come with the learning process.

Reflecting on my experiences as an athlete, my biggest improvements were made when I was enjoying my time in each training sessions. My hope is to create relationships with uprising athletes that allow me to understand individual goals, passions, and aspirations, and from their tailor training sessions that create the best experience for each athlete.  

In addition, I hope to be a resource for any athletes looking to play at the next level. I have a wide range of experiences as a highly recruited high school athlete, college athlete, and professional athlete. I am originally from the Seattle area where I grew up playing indoor volleyball. Gonzaga University is where I competed in indoor volleyball and completed my undergraduate degree.

Graduating early from Gonzaga allowed me to use a 5th year of eligibility to play beach volleyball for LSU while pursuing a master’s degree. My time at LSU included playing in two NCAA beach volleyball national championships, selected as 1 of 25 pairs to compete in the USAV National Pairs Championship, selected to the CCSA All-Tournament Team, CCSA national pair of the week, and received the AVCA pairs flight award.

After I finished my senior beach season, I signed a contract to play professional indoor volleyball in Sweden. When my professional commitment ended in Sweden, I returned to LSU in January and joined the LSU beach volleyball staff for a semester. These experiences have provided me with knowledge of what it takes play at the next level. I want to share as much of this knowledge as I can with our Uprising athletes!   

 I’m excited to be a part of this growing PNW beach community. Uprising played a huge role in helping me develop my beach game, and opened doors that allowed me to pursue my dream of playing beach volleyball.  Now is my turn to give back! I can’t wait to help Uprising develop & train our local talented players to be their best and achieve their dreams! 

You can schedule closed group sessions with coach Emmy all Summer long!   She prefers groups of four and loves to train in the mornings.   Thursday and Friday mornings are the best for her.   

Email to get on her calendar.  

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