Finding Your Place in the Uprising Volleyball Beach Athlete Development Pyramid

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Finding Your Place in the Uprising Volleyball Beach Athlete Development Pyramid

Uprising Volleyball's beach volleyball programs are designed to provide athletes the opportunity to reach their peak performance in groups of athletes with similar experience and skill levels.  The Beach Athlete Development Pyramid is designed to help athletes and families understand which programs will be the best fit for them.  

Team Uprising
This is the Uprising Volleyball travel team that competes at the highest levels of AVP America and AVPFirst events in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.   Tryouts for this program happen in April of each year for training and travel opportunities throughout the Spring and Summer. 

Beach Mastery
This program is for experienced beach volleyball athletes age 14 and over who are focused on developing into NCAA athletes and AVP Pros.   These athletes are expected to train and compete 2-3 days a week through the Spring and Summer. 

Beach Development
Beach Development programs are designed for athletes age 12-15 who have indoor volleyball experience and are interested in making the transition to the Beach game.   This program includes both dedicated one night a week training groups and stand alone beach volleyball clinics. 

Mini-Beach Volleyball
New to volleyball?   Mini-Beach is for you.   This program focuses on athletes age 8-11 years old with little or no volleyball experience.   Training sessions take place on a small court with a short net and light ball to encourage skill development.   Competitions are 4v4 with modified scoring models to encourage development of complete athlete skill sets. 

Summer Camps
Uprising Volleyball will host Summer camps for each level of the pyramid.   You can learn more about our camp programs on our Summer camps page coming soon. 

Contact Uprising Volleyball Director Mati Bishop at or by calling his cell at 425-344-0408. 


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