Learn More About our Foundation Skill Clinics

Learn More About our Foundation Skill Clinics

Serving, passing, setting, hitting, defense, blocking and reading are the fundamental skills of volleyball whether you are playing indoors or on the beach.   Our foundation skill clinics are designed to build the technical foundation of an athletes game by fine tuning the execution of each of these skills.   

Each session takes 2-3 specific cues within the focus technique and works with the athletes on the execution of these cues and skills in drills that start simple and progress to a game like environment.  The goal is to give consistent technical feedback on the athlete's execution of the skill in both the isolated execution of the skill and the game like training situations.   This approach encourages high levels of transfer between the training and game environments. 

Our foundation skill clinics take place in the sand, but all of the cues used and techniques executed transfer to the indoor game as well.   These clinics are a critical step to development of a complete volleyball skill set within the Uprising Volleyball program.   Clinics are offered at a variety of skill levels. 

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Questions?   Email UprisingVolleyball@gmail.com or call Mati at 425-344-0408. 



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