Stressed About Club Tryouts?  There is an Alternative to Club Volleyball

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Stressed About Club Tryouts? There is an Alternative to Club Volleyball

It's that time of year.   The time of year where parents, athletes, coaches and volleyball club directors are stressed out and at odds with each other over the tryout process.   Everyone is working towards their own best interest and the stress comes in trying to figure out whose best interests overlap.  

Why does it have to be this way?   It doesn't.   There are some parents and athletes feeling none of that stress right now.   They are focused on the end of their high school season and waiting for their training to begin in early November.   They are the parents who have committed to the Uprising Volleyball Beach Mastery Program instead of indoor club volleyball.  

Here is what those parents know:

1.   They are getting high quality training in small groups with a maximum of 8 players.

2.  They have control over their weekend schedule.   All tournaments are ala carte and all travel is optional. 

3.  The athletes will play every point of every tournament that they sign up for and will touch every other ball during those tournaments. 

4.  Uprising Volleyball is an AVP America certified club and athletes will have opportunities to compete towards qualification for the AVPFirst National Championship in Hermosa Beach Next July. 

5.  Last year five players from the 8 person Uprising Beach Mastery program made their varsity team at high school tryouts.   The other three choose not to play school ball for personal reasons during their senior year.   Four of the players that made varsity, made the jump from JV to varsity. 

6.  Uprising Volleyball established in 2012 and has worked with athletes who have gone on to play collegiate volleyball at Hawaii, Grand Canyon University, Pepperdine, Stanford, Jacksonville State, Boise State, LSU, Loyola Marymount, Arizona Christian University and UW. 

7.  The training sessions are fast-paced and fun.   They are also physically and mentally demanding.   Our athletes are pushed to reach their personal peak performance. 

8.  Beach athletes develop passing, setting, hitting, reading and defending skills that athletes playing a position or riding the bench at an indoor club don't develop.   Beach volleyball training creates all around volleyball players. 

If you want an alternative to club volleyball, please email and let us know a little bit about why you are interested in the Beach Mastery Program.   We can work together to find a training group that works for you. 



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