The Junior Speed Beach Fall Season is Full of Fun Events & a New Season Championship!

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The Junior Speed Beach Fall Season is Full of Fun Events & a New Season Championship!

The dates have been announced for the fall Speed Beach Championship Series at Uprising Volleyball in Mukilteo.   With the new season comes some exciting new changes in our Speed Beach Championship.   Here are some of the big changes:

Every Speed Beach Event is a Qualifier for the Solstice Invitational
The winner of each individual event qualifies for a spot in the Speed Beach Solstice Invitational on December 21.   The winner of the Solstice Championship will be the winner of the fall season and be memorialized on the Winner's Wall at Uprising Volleyball in Mukilteo.   In addition to the winners of each event receiving invitations to the championship, the three players who earn the most points over the entire season will receive invitations as well.  

Each Event is Limited to 8 Athletes
This season every event will be limited to a maximum of 8 athletes and run for two hours.   Each player will play with every other player in two rounds through the course of the event.   The first hour all rounds are played "Doghouse Style" where teams may only score when they are serving and teams must sideout to get off the court.  The second hour all rounds are straight up speed beach scoring where the team that wins the rally scores a point and stays on in serve receive until another team can beat them. 

We're Keeping Score This Season
One of the big challenges of the speed beach competition has been the consistency of the scoring by the athletes.   This season, we will have an official scorekeeper to help with the scoring process.   Athletes will still be responsible for keeping and calling our their score before each serve, but now we will have a monitor to keep an eye on the score keeping process.  

Uprising Fall Speed Beach Championship

Oct. 12   6-8pm Fall Season Opening Event  Register
Oct.  26  6-8pm   Halloween Speed Beach Costume Challenge  Register
Nov.  11  12pm-2pm   Veteran's Day Red, White and Blue Celebration  Register
Nov.  24  10am-12pm   Shop Local, Small Business Saturday Showdown  Register
Dec.  7   6-8pm   Last Chance to Qualify for Invitational Championships  Register

Dec. 21  6-8pm  Solstice Invitational Fall Championship Event

Questions?   Email or call Mati at 425-344-0408. 




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