Three Tips for Junior Athletes Balancing Beach and Indoor Volleyball

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Three Tips for Junior Athletes Balancing Beach and Indoor Volleyball

Balancing indoor and beach volleyball aspirations is a common challenge for many of the top junior volleyball athletes in the Puget Sound Region.   Beach is growing incredibly fast and more and more top competitors are getting involved, but the opportunities to play at the next level are still dwarfed by the opportunities available to play indoor volleyball in college.   What is an athlete to do?   How do you invest your time, energy and money into creating the best mix for you?   Here are some ideas that might help you plan. 

1.  Live Your Dream
The most important part of this decision is to make sure that you are doing what you love.   If you love the beach volleyball lifestyle and the command you have over the court, focus on that.   If you love the team chemistry and bonding of indoor volleyball, then put the majority of your energy there.   It is crucial to long term success that you really love what you are focusing on.   If you don't, it is very difficult and highly unlikely that you will succeed at making it to the next level. 

2.  Don't Bow to Fear
Much of the marketing involved with junior volleyball is designed to create a culture of fear of falling behind.   This is often times propagated by well meaning coaches and directors, but it is still not true.   Just because you don't make a certain team, don't go to a specific tournament or don't train with a particular program, doesn't mean that you are not going to reach your potential and accomplish your goals.  

Success is based on finding your own path and doing what is right for you.   In order to get into a college program you have to develop your potential and build a relationship with the coaches in that program.   No club, showcase or travel tournament can do that for you.   Stick to your guns and don't be afraid to follow the path that works for you.   It is your path and no one else can walk it for you. 

3.  Be Realistic
The truth is that you cannot take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.   You must learn to be realistic about what and how much you can do.   There will always be tournaments that conflict, events that you can't afford to go to and limits on how much time and energy you have to dedicate to volleyball.   Learning to be realistic about how much you can handle at any given time will allow you to give 100% to the challenges that you take on, rather than overreaching and not being at 100% when it counts. 

Lastly, in addition to these three tips, it is extremely important to remember that the journey is the reward.   You are not guaranteed anything in the volleyball world.  Your playing career could end tomorrow with an injury or an accident.   Or you could find something that you love even more waiting for you down the road.   You just don't know how all of this is going to turn out.   Loving what you do and enjoying who you do it with is not only a huge key to success, it is the point of all of this anyway.  

If you would like to chat more about how you can balance beach and indoor volleyball, contact Uprising Volleyball Director Mati Bishop by emailing or calling directly at 425-344-0408. 

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