Uprising Volleyball Will Give Away a Trip to the AVP America Adult National Championship!

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Uprising Volleyball Will Give Away a Trip to the AVP America Adult National Championship!

The top point scorer in the 2019 Uprising Volleyball Adult Championship Series will earn paid entry to the AVP America Adult National Championships taking place in September or October in Southern California and a travel stipend to help them offset the cost of getting there! 

The Uprising Volleyball Adult Championship series started in November of 2018 and includes all King/Queen of the Uprising events and Uprising Cup tournaments until July 27, 2019!   Athletes will earn AVP America points for every Uprising Volleyball hosted event they play.   The player who earns the most points at Uprising Volleyball events will win the grand prize trip!  

"We have an amazing group of adult players that play at Uprising Volleyball and we want to support them by providing them an opportunity to go represent Uprising at a National event," said Mati Bishop, Director of Uprising Volleyball. 

"Providing this opportunity is just another way that we can build value in our AVP America membership that also includes opportunities for adult athletes to earn seeding points for Seaside and potentially cash prizes from the AVP America Grand Prix," he continued.  

See a Complete List of Events and Rules at UprisingVolleyball.com/pages/2019-uprising-adult-championship-series

Uprising Volleyball is a non-profit based in the State of Washington focused on growing the game of beach volleyball.   They operate an indoor beach volleyball facility in Mukilteo, Washington and host events at Willis Tucker Park in Snohomish.   They also offer the World's largest collection of fantasy volleyball games as part of their Team Uprising Fundraiser.  


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