Using Small Group Training to Get Big Results

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Using Small Group Training to Get Big Results

The trend in junior volleyball over the last 10 years has been towards developing large training programs and competitive programs with three, four or more teams per age division.   It is not uncommon to see pictures of camps, clinics, tryouts and training sessions with 50-100 or more athletes participating.   All of this is great for growing the game of volleyball and great for growing the clubs, but is there a better way to train as an athlete?   Is it more beneficial to be surrounded by a large group of competitors, or to be with a small group of like minded and like skill level training partners? 

Smaller Groups Help Coaches Focus on Each Athlete
When training a smaller group it is easier for a coach to develop more comprehensive knowledge of their players strengths and weaknesses.   This is beneficial not only for feedback and practice planning in training, but also for understanding how to help a team make strategic and mental adjustments in a competitive situation.  

Athletes Build Comfort and Trust Faster in Smaller Groups
It is also beneficial for the ease of development of trust and relationships within the group.   An athlete's job during training is to fail and learn from the experience.  Our experience indicates that athletes are more likely to be comfortable failing repeatedly in a small group of like-minded athletes working towards a common goal. 

Athletes Get More Quality or Game-Like Touches in a Smaller Group
A smaller number of athletes per court also means that the athletes training will get more quality or game-like contacts with the ball during their training time.   This will allow for more experience to be gained in a shorter amount of time and accelerate the learning process. 

With the principals of fewer athletes means more focus on each athlete from the coaching staff and fewer athletes equals more meaningful, game-like, touches during a training session in mind, Uprising Volleyball Mukilteo has designed our core programs to provide the most effective group training possible.  

Uprising Volleyball Training Groups are Limited to 8 Players
With eight athletes playing beach doubles, players are almost always either on the court, or up next.   It is easier to develop relationships within your training group and become more comfortable experiencing the failures that are essential to growth. 

Uprising Training Groups Combine Like Skill Level and Like Mind-Set Athletes
Our club motto is "Working together to create NCAA athletes, AVP pros and Olympians."   Working together with players who are passionate about the same goals that you are is essential to accomplishing any of these things.  

Uprising Volleyball Training Groups Feel Like Families
Uprising Volleyball training groups have a history of coming together and acting like families over the course of a season.   The development of these relationships increases athletes willingness to take risk and helps them develop a support network that will be there for them when they face difficult situations on and off the court. 

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