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Win a Chance to Play with Jeremy Casebeer! Support Uprising Volleyball by Donating Today

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Support Uprising Volleyball with a donation between April 11 and May 23 and you will be entered to win a chance to play with The Lorax, Jeremy Casebeer at Uprising Volleyball's Play with the Pro event from 6-8pm at Willis Tucker Park in Snohomish.

Proceeds from this raffle are being used to support our first Unified Sport Clinic for athletes with and without disabilities featuring Jeremy Casebeer on May 26.

Support for the Unified Sports Clinic is provided by Tomorrow's Warriors, Five12 Apparel, AVPFirst, North Sound Physical Therapy and Ink it Your Way

Raffle Details

$10 Bronze Medal Donations Receive 2 Tickets
$25 Silver Medal Donations Receive 8 Tickets
$55 Gold Medal Donations Receive 22 Tickets

Five Winners will be drawn on May 23 at 2pm on Facebook Live. 

Two additional winners will be drawn at 5pm May 25 at Willis Tucker Park.  

You must be present and ready to play if you win.   A total of 7 players will be drawn from the raffle.  Restrictions apply and all donations are non-refundable. 

In addition to getting raffle tickets when you donate, you can also earn tickets at Uprising Volleyball's April 13, April 27, April, 28, May 4 and May 25 Uprising Volleyball Tournaments.   Each player entered receives 3 tickets as part of their entry and a tickets based on their results throughout the day!  The finalists from the May 25th Uprising Cup Coed Event will win spots in the King of the Court event with Jeremy Casebeer automatically! 

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Uprising Volleyball is a not-for-profit dedicated to growing the sport of beach volleyball.   We operate a single court indoor beach facility in Mukilteo, Washington and four courts at Willis Tucker Park in Snohomish that we use as a research and development sites for the sport of beach volleyball.   We are continually working to develop resources for club directors, tournament directors, coaches, athletes and fans of the game.  

Our first contribution to the sport as a whole is offering up Fantasy Beach Volleyball for free to everyone.   We have spent several years in the development of a formula that balances our the difference between blockers and defenders and men and women to create a level playing field where fans will be able to pick their favorite athletes as well as some they may not know as well to create a whole new level of interest in the game.  We're stoked that  you have chosen to be part of this really cool project.  Click here to play

Please help keep it alive and allow us to have the resources to improve the game by donating today.  

Questions?  Want to make a larger donation to help underwrite our programs?  Email Mati@UprisingSports.com or calll Mati Bishop at 425-344-0408.