About Arena Archery

Arena Archery is a modification of the game Arrow Tag that combines dodge ball and archery in a fast-paced and competitive environment.  Our format takes the basic rules of the game created by the founders of Archery Tag and modifies them to create a format that lends itself to exciting competitions that feed into local, regional, national and international rankings.  


Our Arena Archery equipment has been tested to meet high standards of safety.   Our staff has conducted testing of the bows, arrows and head gear in our Uprising Sports facility in Mukilteo, Washington.   We have concluded that under normal use, all of our equipment is safe for game play. 

Safety Rules:

1.  Never shoot anything that does not want to be shot.  Only aim and shoot bows at other players in the game, never at spectators or anything else that is not involved in the game. 

2.  Only use Arena Archery equipment that is in good working order.  

3.  Wear safety mask at all times during play. 

4.  Drop your bow and raise both hands above your head to surrender during a match.  Never shoot at anyone who has surrendered. 


Game Rules

Playing Field

The playing field will be between 60-75 feet in length and 40-65 feet in width with an eight foot neutral zone extending four feet to each side of the center line. 

Each half of the court will have three bunkers.  One centered 3 feet from the edge of the neutral zone and two additional each 15 feet from the neutral zone and centered within each half of the field.  

Placed in front of each bunker will be a target with five punch out pieces.  The targets may be placed on the ground or elevated up to two feet depending on the configuration of the field.

Team Composition

Each team will be allowed seven players on the field at a time.   A total of 10 players may be on a team roster.   Substitutions may not be done during the run of play.   Changes to the roster must take place during stoppages of play.  Each player must be eligible to play in the division of the event. 

Player Equipment
-Each player must wear an approved helmet and eye protection at all times on the field of play.
-Each player will use an approved bow.
-There will be three arrows per player allowed on the field during play.  

Competition Format


A shootout features two teams of seven players shooting at the other team's targets and players in an effort to end the round by eliminating all target spots, or all of the other team's players.  In the case that 8 minutes is played without one team successfully eliminating all of the other team's target spots or players, the team that eliminated the most target spots and players combined will be declared the winner of the shootout.  

A battle is an odd numbered series of shootouts between two teams.   The winner of the battle is the team that wins the most shootouts.   


Scoring Points

Teams score points by shooting out the spots on their opponents targets and shooting players from the opposing team.  Points are only used to determine the outcome of a shootout if the time limit expires without one team eliminating all of the other teams players or target spots.  

-Teams receive 1 point for each target spot they knock out of their opponents targets. 

-Teams receive 1 point for each player they eliminate.  


Eliminating Players

  • When a player is shot by a member of the other team, they are eliminated from the game. 
  • When a player is shot by another player's arrow, they must set down their bow and surrender with their hands above their head.  They may not be shot while they are proceeding to the sidelines. 
  • To eliminate a player the shot must be clean.  Shots that ricochet off of barriers, walls or other players do not count as a point and do not eliminate a player. 

Reviving Players

  • When a player catches an arrow shot by the opposing team, they may revive a player who has been eliminated in the current shootout.  The team gets to choose which eliminated player goes back into the game.  
  • All catches must be clean.   Catching a shot that ricochets off of a barrier, wall or other player will not count towards reviving a player. 
  • If there are no players who have been eliminated from your team at the time the arrow is caught, there is no reward for catching the arrow. 


The Neutral Zone

  • Players may not take their bow into the neutral zone.   
  • Players may only enter the neutral zone for the purpose of collecting arrows.   Players in the neutral zone may not engage in activities that disrupt their competition or give their team a tactical advantage.  A player violating this rule is eliminated from the shootout.  They may be revived. 
  • Players may not be shot while they are in the neutral zone.  Players who shoot a player in the neutral zone will be eliminated from the shootout.  They can be revived.  

Starting the Shootout

  • All arrows are placed in the neutral zone in groups of three.  
  • Players start at the end wall
    Novice Battles-   All players leave their bows at the end line and run to the neutral zone.  Each player may only bring back 3 arrows. 
    Intermediate Battles-  Players leave their bows at the end line, there is no limit on how many arrows a player can grab in the neutral zone.
    Advanced/Expert Battles-  Players may take their bow into the field of play, but not into the neutral zone.   There is no limit to the number of arrows a player may collect in the neutral zone.  
  • Players may not grab an arrow that another player has in their possession.  
  • Intermediate and Above-  If two players touch an arrow at the same time, neither arrow may take the arrow.