Uprising Beach Power League for Juniors

Beach Power League is a linear ranking series where players move between brackets based on their performance the previous week.   In the end, athletes play meaningful matches against similar level teams through the course of the league. 

Each week each team plays a set to 21 against two different teams as part of a pool of three teams.  Teams move between pools based on their finish within the pool.  

The league is 7 weeks long with the top eight teams qualifying for the playoffs in week 8.  


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Tuesday and Wednesday Leagues Start June 4/5


Pool 1  First Serve at 5:15pm 
1.  Stays in Pool 1
2.  Stary in Pool 1
3.  Moves to Pool 2

Pool 2  First Serve at 5:15pm
1.  Moves to Pool 1
2.  Stays in Pool 2
3.  Moves to Pool 3

Pool 3  First Serve at 6:30pm
1.  Moves to Pool 2
2.  Stays in Pool 3
3.  Moves to Pool 4

Pool 4  First Serve at 6:30pm
1.  Moves to Pool 3
2.  Stays in Pool 4
3.  Moves to Pool 5

Pool 5  First Serve at 7:45pm
1.  Moves to Pool 4
2.  Stays in Pool 5
3.  Moves to Pool 6

Pool 6  First Serve at 7:45pm
1.  Moves to Pool 5
2.  Stays in Pool 6
3.  Stays in Pool 6


All matches are played at Willis Tucker Park. 
Players are responsible for finding their own subs in case of absence. 
All players and subs must have an AVP America Membership
Matches will be played rain or shine

Question?   Email UprisingVolleyball@gmail.com or call Mati at 425-344-0408