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Angela Rock's Advanced Beach Volleyball Tactics

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Author: Angela Rock

ISBN: 0997950307

Number Of Pages: 134

Publisher: Mericle Publishing

Details: Angela Rock gets to the heart of advanced beach volleyball tactics. Because she was an Olympic indoor player first, she understands how to transition from indoor to beach. She explains how the games are different strategically and which highly honed indoor tactics served her well on the beach—and which did not. As both an amateur and professional player with decades of experience, Rock distills her hard-won knowledge of the game. She shares her “secrets” and those of other champion players, revealing information only the best would know. Although this is a book for anyone who wants to play beach volleyball, it is a goldmine for aspiring elite players. Her tactics are clearly explained and illustrated with real examples, including warming up outside the courts, serving to score, setting skills and responsibilities, offensive tactics, effective blocking, defensive variations, and strategic options. Beach volleyball has come a long way in the last 25 years, and Angela Rock offers an insider’s view into the sport unlike any we’ve seen before. Praise “Angela discusses different philosophies, approaches, and parts of the game that only someone with her playing and coaching experience can do. Very few people worldwide have the credibility and experience to coach/play at the highest level like Angela does. Beach volleyball takes years to understand, but with this book, you get a crash course in everything, and the learning curve is accelerated!” —Holly McPeak, three-time Olympian beach volleyball player