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Friday Night Spikes Drop In

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Come out and join in a perpetual game of beach volleyball, try your hand at Spike Ball and hang out with friends at Uprising Volleyball in Mukilteo.  

Friday Night Spikes Features:

-A perpetual game of King of the Court.  Jump in and see how long you can be the King or Queen!

-SpikeBall. Challenge your friends to a game of round net on Uprising's Spikeball court.

-Plenty of space to chill, chat and heckle your friends while they play.  

Uprising Volleyball Mukilteo

3616 South Rd. Ste A2. 98275


Perpetual King of the Court Rules and Guidelines

Game Play

  • Set #1
    • If there is not enough players in the facility at the start of the drop-in the two competing teams may choose to play their first game normally (to 7 points, cap at 7). Once other teams have arrived and the first set has completed the winning team from the first set will take the King’s side and rally continuous drop-in will begin.
  • Continuous Play
    • Teams will from in a queue on the challenger’s side of the court.
    • Each challenging team will serve the ball.
    • The team winning the rally will take the King’s side of the court.
    • The next queued team on the challenger’s side will then serve.
    • If a challenging team cannot win the point the next queued challenging team will attempt, and so on and so forth…
  • Partnerships
    • Teams are to consist of two players and may be any gender for Mixed Drop-In’s.
      • For Men’s only Drop-In’s only male partnerships may form.
      • And for Women’s only Drop-In’s only female partnerships may form.
    • Players may decide to choose who to partner with and may change teams should they desire.
    • A King’s side team is not allowed to swap partners for the time when they are on the King’s side of the court.
    • Queued teams in positions 1 through 3 may NOT change partnerships.
    • Partnerships may change in queued positions 4 and beyond.
  • End of Rally
    • Losing teams are required to retrieve the ball that was in play and return it to the challenger’s side of the court before the start of next rally may begin. All participating members of the drop-in should do their utmost (within reason) to assist in ball retrieval and return to challenger’s side of the court. Please attempt to clear the court of any stray balls quickly at the end of the rally.
  • Points
    • Points do not need to be tracked. King’s side teams stay on the King’s side until they have lost a rally, once removed (loss of point) from the court they may choose to re-enter at the end of the queue on the challenger’s side. They may also choose to change partners at this point or take a break and re-enter the queue when they desire, but must be at the end of the queue or if someone in the queue at position #4 and beyond has invited them for partnership.