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Uprising King of the Beach Challenge

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The Uprising King of the Beach Challenge is designed for players looking for a social and competitive way to meet new beach volleyball players.   Every player plays with and against every other player in the five team competition.   The player with the best results wins! 

How it Works:

Each Player is assigned a number 1-5.  

Matches are played in a single set to 21 on this schedule
1,2 v 3,4
1,3 v 2,5
1,4 v 3,5
1,5 v 2,4
2,3 v 4,5

The winner is determined by the overall win/loss record.   In case of a tie, total points scored is the first tie breaker.   Points allowed is the second tie breaker.   If still tied, flip a coin.  

Winners of each event qualify for a special KOB Championship Tournament at the end of the season.  

Uprising KOB Fall Schedule

Oct. 21 Adult COED on Men's Net   6-9pm

Nov. 4  Junior Open  (U16/U18 or Top Level Younger Players) 6-9pm
Nov. 18 Men's   6-9pm
Dec. 2  Adult Women  7-10pm

Dec. 9  7-10pm   Fall Championship Finals for the winners of each division.